7 Holiday Child Custody Tips

Child Custody LawyerThe holidays can be quite stressful. If you are trying to figure out visitation with your children and ex-spouse, the stress can be increased significantly. The fact is, planning a holiday visitation schedule can create a number of issues, not just for parents, but also for the children involved. The good news is, there are some child custody tips that can be used to help you manage this stressful time of year.

Number 1: Plan Ahead for Child Custody Arrangements

If you have not done so already, it is a good idea to begin discussing visitation during the holidays now. Attempting to have a judge hear about your holiday dispute can be virtually impossible. If you believe that you may have to go to court to handle a visitation schedule during the holidays, then it is best to contact an attorney right away. The earlier you can discuss the visitation schedule, the less stressful the holidays will be.

Number 2: Keep Child Custody Holiday Plans With You

While finding a judge during the holidays for issues with visitation can be difficult, finding a lawyer can be just as challenging. There are many attorneys who take time off this time of year, or that have shorter office hours. If you already have a copy of the holiday plan, you should keep it nearby. If you need a copy of it, then make sure to contact your child custody attorney as early as possible so you can keep up with the details.

Number 3: If you Don’t Yet have a Child Custody Holiday Plan – Make One

There are some families who decide to alternate holidays each year. If you have the kids during Thanksgiving one year, then the next year will be the other person’s team. By a clear plan established, it can eliminate a fight when the holidays roll around.

Number 4: Be as Specific as Possible when Determining Child Custody Arrangements for the Holidays

You should make sure that the holiday plan for visitation includes specific times and dates for exchanges. If you are going to have the children for Christmas, make sure you are specific. Does this mean Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or the entire Christmas break? Make sure the schedule created is as detailed as possible to prevent confusion.

Number 5: Be Willing to Compromise and be Flexible with Child Custody During the Holidays

If you plan on working during the holidays, there is no reason to request having your kids. They will have to spend the holidays alone. Try to compromise with your ex-spouse based on who is going to be around and what is best for the kids.

Number 6: Ask the Kids What Type of Child Custody Arrangement is Best for the Holidays

Try to find out what your kids want. They may want to gather together somewhere because there is a place that is special. Try to accommodate your kids if it makes sense and is plausible. This will ensure they are happy during the holidays.

Number 7: When it Comes to Child Custody, Choose Your Battles

There are some holidays that may be more important for you than others, and the same is true for your spouse. Don’t just fight for time on one holiday just for the sake of fighting. If there is one holiday that isn’t as important, consider letting your spouse have it.

When it comes to creating a visitation schedule during the holidays, hiring an attorney for help may be the best course of action. More information about holiday child custody can be found by contacting the attorneys at Hardesty, Tyde, Green & Ashton, P.A. by calling 904-249-9030.

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