Tactics to Help Prevent Rollover Truck Accidents

A rollover accident that involves tanker trucks can result in extremely serious injuries, and in some cases fatalities. The injuries that occur are not just sustained by the tanker truck driver, but also the drivers and passengers in other vehicles that were involved.

The fact is, approximately 80 percent of all rollover accidents involving a tanker truck involve some type of driver error. When thinking about this type of truck accident, you can keep yourself and your passengers safe on the road by using the tips and information here.

Avoid Making Sudden Movements to Reduce the Risk of Truck Accidents

An extremely effective strategy you can use to prevent being involved in a rollover accident with a tanker truck is to avoid any erratic changes in your driving. For example, you need to leave adequate space in between large tanker trucks and your vehicle. Rollovers often occur when the tanker truck driver is required to make some type of defensive move so they can avoid another vehicle that has made an improper move on the road.

Avoid Truck Accidents by Finding any Risks on Road

Tanker truck drivers must have plenty of space on the road. A smart way to stay safe and avoid being involved in a rollover accident with this type of truck is to find any possible risks on the road. For example, if your route includes more difficult turns or downward grades, you should know about these issues ahead of time. These are just two examples of roadway risks that may increase the possibility of a rollover truck accident.Truck Accidents

When you plan and know your route, you know what you will be facing on your trip. Also, you should plan on taking an alternate route if the course seems a bit too hazardous. This will help you avoid the possibility of a truck accident, regardless of where you are headed.

Avoid Truck Accidents by Controlling Your Speed

Another effective strategy to help you avoid a rollover truck accident is to control your speed. This is especially important if you are headed downhill near a truck. Drivers also need to leave plenty of room between them and large trucks. Doing this will make sure that the truck doesn’t cause an accident because they are unable to reduce their speed fast enough. A good rule of thumb is to maintain a distance of four to five vehicles between you and large trucks. This will help reduce the possibility of you being injured after an accident with a tanker truck.

If you are involved in a truck accident, you don’t need to wait to contact a personal injury attorney. The fact is, if the accident was the fault of the other party, then you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries and damages. More information about truck accidents and when to contact an attorney can be found by contacting the team of lawyers from Hardesty, Tyde, Green & Ashton, P.A. by calling 904-249-9030.

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