Tips for Avoiding Truck Accidents

When your vehicle gets into an accident with another car or small truck, it can be bad enough and can often lead to a serious injury or even death. But when your vehicle is in a crash with a large truck, the results are much more likely to be devastating.  In fact, in 2015 over 4,300 buses and large trucks were involved in fatal crashes, up from about 3,400 in 2009. If you are on the roadways in the U.S., avoiding truck accidents is a major component of keeping yourself and your vehicle passengers safe.

Below are some tips for sharing the road with large trucks and avoiding truck accidents.

Watch for Erratic Driving

According to government statistics, large truck drivers being on some sort of prescription, over-the-counter or illegal drug is the leading cause of crashes involving trucks.

Truck AccidentsIf see a large truck swerving, changing lanes abruptly or going much slower than the speed limit, there is a good chance their judgment could be impaired. Give those vehicles a lot of space and if they seem like a danger to others around them, alert local law enforcement.

Driver fatigue is another leading cause of truck accidents; being tired can often lead to truck drivers swerving and driving too slow. Be on the lookout for these behaviors and avoid these trucks if and when you can.

Watch for Speeding

Whether they are inebriated or just in a hurry, a speeding truck is a very dangerous truck. A truck that is going too fast won’t be able to react to traffic conditions as fast as a truck that is traveling closer to the speed limit. This is especially true in bad weather when slippery roads can compound the danger posed by big trucks.

If you see a truck speeding, following too close or in general driving in an aggressive manner, it is a truck that would be better to avoid if possible. Move over to let them pass you if you can or pull over to let them go by if you are on a single lane road. In any case, do your best to stay out of their way.

Bad Weather

As mentioned above, bad weather makes it much harder for big trucks to react and stop. It is a good idea to avoid being around large trucks in bad weather, no matter how well it looks like the driver is handling a wet or icy road.

If you have been in an accident with a large truck and have questions about what you should do, contact the experienced vehicle accident attorneys at Jax Legal or call 904-249-9030 for a free consultation.

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