Should You Expect Alimony After a Divorce in Florida?

Filing for divorce, regardless of your age or the situation, can be a stressful life event. Not only does it affect you emotionally, but it can also be difficult on your finances. In addition to the emotional and financial stress of the process itself, you also have to begin thinking about how you are going to support yourself on just one income, rather than two.


While the decision of whether or not you can receive spousal support, or alimony, is determined by your specific situation, getting to know more about it and how alimony works in the state of Florida can be beneficial.

Awarding of Alimony after a Divorce

If you are in a situation where you, or your spouse, earned more than the other party, then alimony may be awarded to the individual in need of financial help. If you want to qualify to receive alimony, there are three main requirements you must fulfill, which include:

  • The marriage has to be considered legal in the state of Florida.
  • The spouse who is requesting alimony needs to exhibit some type of financial need for assistance.
  • The other spouse needs to be able to pay the alimony.

If these requirements are met, then the court will then determine the amount of alimony that must be paid.

What Determines Alimony Amount after a Divorce?

When dealing with issues related to child support, there is a specific formula used to determine how much is paid. For this calculation, the court is going to look at the total number of children and how much each parent makes, in addition to other expenses. Once these numbers are clear, the attorney can look at the guidelines in the statutes to determine the amount that must be paid in child support each month.

However, determining alimony amounts is not a process that is as black and white as child support. There is no formula that numbers can be plugged into. Instead, the alimony amount will depend on the couple’s situation and what the judge considers to be fair.

What Factors are Considered when Determining Alimony?

According to the alimony statute in the state of Florida, the factors considered when determining this amount include:

  • The standard of living during the marriage
  • Length of the marriage
  • Age of each spouse
  • Emotional and physical condition of each spouse
  • Financial assets and resources of each spouse
  • Earning capacities, employability and education of each spouse
  • Marital contributions for each spouse
  • Income and taxes

After a judge determines all these factors, they can figure out if alimony should be awarded and what a fair amount would be. If you need help or have questions about this process, it may be wise to work with a Florida divorce attorney. Contact the attorneys at Hardesty Tyde Green & Ashton P.A. by calling 904-249-9030 to learn more.

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