Top 5 Types of Personal Injury Cases in Florida

Personal injury accidents can happen to anybody. People from all walks of life find themselves consulting personal injury attorneys after various traumatic accidents and mishaps. These injuries also happen in many different ways. Here are some of the most common types of personal injury situations.

Florida Personal Injury Cases: Automobile Accidents

Car accidents are one of the biggest examples of personal injury cases anywhere in the country, including Florida. State DMV offices show nearly 400,000 car accidents were reported last year, and significant numbers of pedestrian accidents happen annually as well.

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Personal injury lawyers also have to look at a wide range of factors, such as whether inclement weather, unanticipated roadwork, poor visibility, driver error or substance abuse played a role. As for the extremely dangerous practice of texting while driving, state officials are trying to crack down on this to greatly reduce the number of auto accident cases happening in the state.

Medical Malpractice

In Florida, as elsewhere in the country, doctors purchase expensive medical malpractice insurance to protect themselves against legal costs. This alone should be an indicator of how common medical malpractice cases are in personal injury law. One of the biggest responsibilities of Florida personal injury lawyers is to protect residents from surgical errors and other types of medical mistakes that can have a devastating impact on their health.

Work-Related Injuries

The work-related personal injury, or “worker’s comp” injury, is a very broad category of personal injury case. That’s one reason why personal injury lawyers in Florida see so many of them. Work injury cases can be chronic and related to repetitive stress or atmospheric conditions. They can be the result of blunt trauma or impact from improper use of tools and materials, or an improperly set up workspace. Florida personal injury attorneys work day in and day out to help victims move through the consequences of a work-related injury.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Florida doesn’t have a lot of ice and snow, but that doesn’t mean that slip and fall injuries don’t happen. Many of these personal injury cases are related to scenarios involving leaking water or some other wet or slick substance on a surface area.

Product Liability

To get an idea of how common product liability cases are, just look at the numbers of products available on major e-commerce retailers, like Amazon. It’s inevitable that some products will be less safe than others, and that some users will experience injuries from these products. This is another major category of case that a lawyer in the state of Florida will be prepared to litigate or otherwise resolve.

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