Vandalizing Property in Florida: Misdemeanor or Felony Criminal Charges

There is no question that peer pressure can cause a person to deface or vandalize property. In fact, the pressure and influence may even make a person believe that this is a good idea.

Criminal ChargesEven if it is meant to be a joke or not to cause any harm, the fact remains that vandalism is considered a criminal act in the state of Florida. If you deface or destroy property without having permission from the property owner, it is considered an act of vandalism and if you are caught, will face criminal charges. Learn more about this here.

What Exactly are Vandalism Criminal Charges?

Vandalism is not just breaking windows or scribbling graffiti on a wall. It may also include egging another person’s vehicle, keying a person’s car or the windows on a car, slashing tires, altering street signs, spray painting property, knocking down street signs and other such destructive acts. The laws related to vandalism prohibit all of these acts and are made at the state level. They are designed to penalize someone who is convicted of destroying someone else’s property.

Vandalism Laws in Florida and Criminal Charges You May Face

The laws against vandalism are also designed in a way to protect against any type of hate crime. For example, if someone is caught writing profanity on the home of a Muslim family or on the car of an African American, it is considered not only vandalism, but also a hate crime.

The penalties and potential criminal charges for acts of vandalism depend on several factors. These factors include the severity of the vandalism, as well as the value of the damage to the property. In some cases, you could face a misdemeanor or even a felony charge for this type of illegal act. It is completely normal for the court to order the person who committed the vandalism to pay restitution. This means that you would have to repair or to replace the property that you damaged or destroyed.

Hire an Attorney for Help with Criminal Charges

If you are arrested for vandalism and facing criminal charges, it is best for you to hire a criminal law attorney right away to help defend the case. They can review the facts of the situation and determine the type of action that needs to be taken. In many cases, they may be able to help you reach a plea agreement that would help to reduce the chances of you receiving a conviction of guilt for a misdemeanor or felony charge of vandalism.

You should not try to handle these situations alone. The fact is that the law can be quite complex and difficult to understand. A lawyer will be able to explain the situation and help you know what type of consequences you face. If you have questions or need more information about a vandalism charge, contact the criminal defense lawyers at the law offices of Hardesty Tyde Green & Ashton PA by calling 904-249-9030. Being informed and knowing your rights is the best way to reduce the charges that you face, as well as the potential consequences for your actions.

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