What Happens if Your Child is Injured at Summer Camp?

When the school year is over, you may be worried about finding something for your child to do all summer. A popular way of ensuring your child is supervised and active throughout the summer, while still having fun, is to send them to summer camp. Unfortunately, summer camps come with a number of risks that aren’t present in the classroom.

What Happens if Your Child is Injured at Summer Camp

Various activities, such as building campfires, climbing, swimming and more are all part of a great summer, but they also present a number of risks and potential dangers. Additionally, there are usually quite a few children and counselors may not be able to watch each child’s every move. There are some situations when injuries happen. If they do, your child may experience physical and emotional trauma and you may be stuck with a pile of medical costs.

If you are ever in this situation, you need to talk to a Florida injury attorney. While there are some accidents at summer camp that may be unavoidable accidents, or even the fault of typical childhood play, others should and could be prevented. If the owners of the camp or staff acted negligently, then you may be able to recover compensation.

This is referred to as premises liability and it is the same law that applies in situations where someone falls down steps at a hotel because the lightbulbs were out.

Understanding Premises Liability

Camps have a specific responsibility to provide a clean and safe space for their attendees to eat, sleep and play. If your child is injured, for example, because they slipped on a spill in the kitchen, you may be able to collect damages. The staff has a responsibility to remove, clean and warn any camp attendees about the spill. If they don’t do this, then the camp may be liable for the injury your child suffered.

The Camp Staff’s Responsibilities

Most summer camp injuries occur while supervised activities are going on. The staff has quite a few responsibilities, especially at an overnight camp or an athletic training camp.

If you have a child who is injured because of the direct actions of a staff member, such as negligence or abuse, the camp is often liable for the actions of the staff member. Camps should perform a background check on staff members but not all of them do.  Liability can arise in situations where the camp fails to properly investigate, train or supervise their employees.

The Role of the Liability Waiver

Most summer camps are not strangers to lawsuits when injuries are concerned. As a result, many camps have taken precautions to prevent these by utilizing liability waivers. This is something parents may be asked to sign for their child to attend the camp and it excludes the camp from being held liable for certain activities.  It is important to read these waivers before you sign them.  Nonetheless, signing a waiver form will not always prevent the camp from being held liable.

If you have a child who has been injured while at summer camp, regardless of whether you signed a waiver, you should speak with an attorney to help learn more about your rights. Contact the attorneys at Hardesty Tyde Green & Ashton PA by calling (904) 398-2212 to learn more.

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