Things That Need to Be Proven in a Slip and Fall Injury Case

Slip and Fall Injury CaseThere are many tasks people do on a regular basis without much thought. Things like going to work or visiting the grocery store may not seem like such a big deal until you are the victim of a slip and fall accident. Nearly
8 million emergency room visits are attributed to slip and fall accidents each year. If you have suffered an injury in a fall, you should immediately report it to the business owner or manager if possible.  After that you should contact a lawyer. He will be able to advise you on what your next logical move should be. Below are some of the things to do that will help you settle a slip and fall injury case.

Proving the Accident in Question Caused Your Injuries

The first thing you will have to do to win a slip and fall case is to prove your injuries were caused by this incident. While this may sound easy, it requires a bit of work. The main thing you need to prove this is a report from your physician. This report will detail the type of injuries you have suffered and should give an explanation for how they occurred. If you need to go to a specialist for your type of injury, you should do so at your earliest opportunity.  Medical records which show your injury and treatment are the best way to get the indisputable documentation needed to build a case.

You should also immediately take photos of the scene where you fell.  This is particularly important in cases where water or some other slippery substance caused your fall.  If you don’t get this evidence at the time of your fall, it may be gone forever after the business cleans it up or repairs the damaged area.

Showing There Was No Notice of Hazardous Conditions

You will also want to show that there was no notice to you of the hazardous condition. This can be proven in a number of different ways such as:

  • Testimony From Witnesses– In some cases, the best way to prove you had no notice that a hazardous condition existed is by getting sworn statements from others. Witnesses to your accident or even workers at the business in question can provide statements confirming the story you are telling.
  • Video is Very Powerful– If the business in question has video surveillance, you may be able to use it in your case. The video will frequently show the hazardous condition which can help you greatly when trying to settle your case.
  • Incident Reports- Another way to prove that no proper notice was given of a hazardous condition is by using reports from previous slip and fall victims. If a business has had a number of accident reports filed, you can show they knew about the hazardous condition and still did nothing about it.

Getting some guidance and help from a lawyer is a great way to help build a solid case. Without this type of help, you will likely struggle when it comes to getting the settlement you are after due to your lack of experience.

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