7 Common Causes of Car Accidents

7 Common Causes of Car AccidentsMost people live under the delusion that car accidents are something that happens to other people and not them. Statistics show thousands of people all across America are involved in car accidents each day. Instead of laboring under the delusion an accident won’t occur while you are behind the wheel, you need to focus on how to prevent them from happening. Learning what the common causes of car accidents are a great way to avoid being involved in one yourself. Below are some of the most common causes of car accidents.

Driving While Distracted

Who doesn’t love texting or playing Angry Birds on their phone? While catapulting those tiny birds towards flimsy structures is fun, there is a time and place to play games on your phone. When you are behind the wheel your main focus needs to be on the road. Driving while distracted can lead to a variety of dangers and may cause an accident.

Speeding is Dangerous

The speed limit signs you see on the road aren’t a suggestion. Neglecting to go the speed limit can lead to you plowing into another motorist. When you are going too fast, you will find it much harder to avoid sudden hazards in the road. Instead of putting yourself and others in danger, you need to slow down.

Driving While Intoxicated

Having a few adult beverages is a great way to blow off steam. After having these drinks, you need to call a cab instead of driving drunk. Many accidents and fatalities are caused each year by driving under the influence. While calling a cab will cost you money, it will be worth the investment.

Reckless Driving

Changing lanes without looking, tailgating and driving way too fast are all forms of reckless driving. Doing these things will only lead to you getting in a wreck and hurting other people in the process. Running late is better than not showing up at all due to a car wreck.

Bad Weather Conditions

One of the most unpredictable forces on the planet is nature. Dealing with adverse weather conditions can put you in a lot of danger. Trying to drive when it is raining or snowing can be very hard. Neglecting to slow down to compensate for these bad weather conditions can lead to you wrecking your vehicle. You need to make sure you keep things like your tires and traction control systems in proper condition to avoid problems when bad weather moves into your area.

Running Traffic Lights

A lot of collisions occur from people running red lights. The traffic lights in your area are there for a reason, which is why running them is a bad idea. By staying put when the light turns red, you can avoid being involved in an accident.

Driving a Night

For some people, driving at night can be very challenging. If you have a problem with seeing at night, it is probably best to avoid it. Not being able to see well at night will make it much harder to avoid accidents.

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