The Ins and Outs of Repetitive Motion Injuries in the Workplace

Repetitive Motion InjuriesWorking on a daily basis is something most people have to do to support their family. There are a rising number of wokers who are falling victim to repetitive stress injuries. Performing the same motions day after day without the proper rest or equipment can very taxing on the body. Eventually, the parts of the body you use the most at your job may start to give out and create problems. Many work-related injuries are caused by repetitive motion. The following are some of the things you need to know about these types of injuries.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Repetitive Motion Injuries?

One of the main things you probably want to know is what types of repetitive motions cause these injuries. The following are some of the most common causes of this condition.

  • Continuous Computer and Keyboard Use- One of the most common causes of repetitive stress injuries is constant computer and keyboard use. Usually, the injuries from this type of motion will affect the upper extremities. Without proper breaks in typing you can start to have severe aches and pains caused by things like carpel tunnel syndrome.
  • Barcode Scanning- Scanning barcodes hour after hour can also lead to a variety of injuries. People who work in grocery stores or warehouses have to use a barcode scanner regularly. This repetitive motion can lead to nerve damage in your hands.
  • Constantly Standing All Day- Employees that have to stand continuously all day usually have static posturing issues. This type of injury will usually lead to lower back and neck pain. Wearing a back brace may reduce the effects of these issues.
  • Assembly Line Work- If you work all day bending and lifting parts on an assembly line, then you are bound to have some repetitive stress injuries. These injuries will usually affect your back the most and can lead to long-term pain.

What Can Employers Do To Prevent These Injuries?

If you are like most people, finding a way to prevent these injuries is a top concern. Here are some of the things a company will need to do when trying to keep their employees safe from these injuries.

  • Training is a Must- The main thing a business owner can do when trying to protect their employees from repetitive stress injuries is to train them. Showing workers how to take breaks and providing them with proper equipment is critical to injury prevention.
  • Learn and Enforce OSHA Guidelines- OSHA has a variety of guidelines in place when it comes to creating an ergonomic work environment. Learning and implementing the mandates OSHA has set forth can help a business owner greatly.

While putting these safeguards in place will be time-consuming, it will be well worth the effort a business owner invests.

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