Reduce Workers Comp Claims by Implementing Reward and Incentive Programs

Jacksonville Workers Comp ClaimsUnfortunately, accidents that occur on the job can impact virtually any industry and leave the affected employee suffering for many years to come. According to research from the National Safety Council, there are almost 13,000 workers in the U.S. injured each day while on the job.

The majority of these injuries can be prevented. While the statistics are staggering and disheartening, it is even worse when you think about the possible impact that a training and reward program and workplace safety education can have in reducing the number of accidents that occur.

Benefits Offered for Employers who Put a Priority on Employee Safety

When employers care about safety in the workplace, there are many benefits that may occur. For example, safe employees are typically more productive, reduce costs, maintain a higher morale and experience fewer injuries and as a result, fewer workers comp claims.

One of the most effective ways to show appreciation from employers to employees is by providing some type of incentive or other motivation for the workers who attend safety training sessions. It is also a good idea to recognize employers when they meet safety or service milestones.

These types of events can help to encourage the importance of safety across the business and show that it is something business takes pride in, too.

Reduce Accidents with Safety Awareness Training

When you have a clear set of safety rules and you encourage your employees to adopt them, it can go a long way. There is plenty of research out there supporting the fact that employees love receiving rewards.

When you recognize the critical achievements and safety, it can go a long way in reinforcing safe behaviors and show appreciation for those who reach certain safety goals or milestones.

The most important thing that employers can do to help minimize accidents on the job is to provide recognition of safety milestones in a timely manner. The goal is to let the employees know what they are doing right, that it is appreciated and then provide additional incentives for the behavior to continue.

When employees take this safety training, there are benefits for them, as well. For example, they have owner job risks and the chance to remain healthy in the workplace. Employers receive increased productivity from workers and lower costs thanks to a reduction in the number of workers compensation claims filed.

Taking Action when Injured on the Job

Unfortunately, even with training and incentives, accidents may still occur. If a person is injured while on the job, they should consult with a Jacksonville workers compensation attorney for help. In most cases, they can recover damages for the injuries they suffered. The attorney hired can also help to protect their rights.

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