The Social Security Disability Process

Social Security Disability ProcessThe Social Security Disability application process normally takes about three hours. You can fill out an application online, at home, or even in person at the nearest Social Security office location by first scheduling an appointment with them by phone.

If you choose to fill out the application in person, Social Security will assign a representative to help you with the process. As instructed by the Social Security Administration, applicants should review the entire Adult Disability Checklist form when applying online.

This form can be found through the Social Security Administration website, and will help you obtain all of the information you need to complete your application. Applicants must also fill out the entire disability benefit application.

Additional requirements and information required for Social Security Disability applicants:

  • Place and date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Birth certificate and proof of U.S. citizenship
  • W-2 form(s)
  • Tax return statements for any individuals who are self-employed
  • Any current or past spouses’ information (name, place and date of birth, age, etc.)
  • For any parents, information pertaining to your children will be required (name, date of birth, etc.)
  • Any documentation of the medical condition that you currently have
  • Any documentation of test results pertaining to the injury or illness relevant to your application
  • Any and all information regarding prior workers’ compensation benefits that you have received
  • The routing and account number of your bank (if you would like your funds transferred to you electronically)

Information to Include

As you might expect, you must describe your current medical condition in detail. You must also provide the contact information of another individual who knows about you and your condition, which will be used to corroborate your claim.

You must also include the names, addresses, and contact numbers of any hospitals, clinics, therapists, or doctors involved in treating you. If you are on any medications to help with your condition, you must list the names of the medications, as well as the contact information of the individuals who prescribed them to you.

As soon as your Social Security Disability application is filled out and submitted, you will receive a confirmation through mail or email. The application will then be reviewed, and you will be contacted if any further documentation or any additional information is needed.

You will also be informed of any other possible disability or social security options available to you, your spouse, or your immediate family members. As soon as your Social Security Disability application is fully reviewed, a decision will be made and mailed out to your current address.

It is highly recommended to provide any and all information you have pertaining to your situation. This will help to ensure the validity of your request and ensure that you receive a fair judgement when moving forward.

Although some applicants attempt to secure benefits by making false claims, many other worthy individuals with legitimate disabilities go without Social Security Disability benefits simply because they fail to provide sufficient evidence to support their claim. If your application is denied, it’s important to speak to a lawyer about appealing your claim.

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