Can I Sue for a Cruise Ship Injury?

Cruise Ship InjuryMany people save up for months or even years to afford a cruise vacation. There is something undeniably romantic and nostalgic about sailing the open sea on a luxurious ocean liner.

Unfortunately, personal injuries can happen just about anywhere, including cruise ships. These vessels are basically giant floating cities, and they feature many of the same dangers found on land.

If you have been injured on a cruise, don’t wait to contact a Jacksonville personal injury lawyer. In most cases, the time limit for filing a cruise ship injury claim is quite limited. Speak to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Cruise Ship Injury Claims Are Complex

Any personal injury case can be complicated. When injures occur on the open sea, there is automatically an added layer of complexity.

  • Maritime Law: In many cruise ship accident cases, the claims involve laws at the state, federal, and even international level. Cruise ship cases also frequently involve maritime law, which is quite different from state and federal laws and demands the skill and experience of a lawyer who regularly handles cruise ship cases.
  • Multiple Parties: As an injured passenger, you may be able to file a personal injury claim against the cruise ship operator, the operator’s employees, and the common carrier that owns the cruise ship itself.

Because many cruise ship companies are headquartered in Florida, a large number of cruise ship liability claims end up in Florida courts.

For this reason, Florida cruise ship liability lawyers typically have experience representing injury victims from both Florida and all over the United States.

Common Cruise Ship Injuries

Sadly, cruise ship fatalities seem to happen with some regularity. In May 2016, a young mother of four fell from a tenth-level deck railing into the water off the Galveston, Texas coast.

One year earlier, in May 2015, one child drowned and another nearly drowned on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship. The family sued the cruise line, claiming the company’s policy of not hiring lifeguards is negligent.

Other common cruise ship injuries include:

  • Food poisoning: Cruise ships may be massive, but they are still isolated environments with limited dining choices. When food on board is contaminated, sickness can spread rapidly. In 2014, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship had to cut its voyage short after 600 passengers became seriously ill.
  • Employee negligence: Cruise ships employ hundreds of workers, from housekeeping staff to entertainers. Many cruise ships also offer supervision and camps for children so parents can relax and enjoy a little time away. When employees act negligently and cause injuries, passengers can hold the cruise ship accountable for their injuries.
  • Slips and falls: Not only are they surrounded by water, but cruise ships usually feature multiple swimming pools. These areas can become extremely slippery, especially when cruise ship companies don’t provide proper safety railings and slip-resistant surfaces. Cruise decks and other walkways can also get wet, either from the sea itself, or because workers spray them down to keep them clean.
  • Assaults by other passengers: When you combine alcohol with close quarters and a party atmosphere, people don’t always think clearly before they act. Unfortunately, cruise ship passengers have been seriously hurt by other passengers in cases involving battery, violent theft, sexual assault, and other intentional acts.
  • Navigational negligence: Just as airline passengers rely on the plane’s pilot to make responsible decisions about the flight plan and risk avoidance, cruise ship passengers must count on the ship’s captain and crew to navigate the vessel in a reasonable, rational way. This definitely did not happen in early 2016, when a Royal Caribbean cruise liner sailed directly into an extreme Atlantic storm with hurricane-force winds. The ship’s 6,000 passengers endured three days of 125-mile-per-hour winds.For 12 terrifying hours, passengers were forced to remain in their rooms while the ship’s crew battled to keep it upright. At one point, the ship spent four hours at a 45-degree angle.

Talk to a Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer about Your Cruise Ship Injury

Getting injured is never pleasant. Getting hurt on your vacation just adds insult to injury – literally. If you have been hurt on a cruise, talk to lawyers who understand what it takes to win these case.

Call a Jacksonville personal injury lawyer today to discuss your cruise ship injury case. Our Florida lawyers can explain your rights and help you take the next steps in your case.

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