Don’t Fall for These 5 Personal Injury Myths

Personal Injury MythsMany people who have been injured have never dealt with a lawyer before. Their only exposure to the legal system may be what they have seen on television.

Hollywood likes to dramatize our justice system to make it more entertaining, but the things you see on TV usually have little to do with reality. These inaccuracies have created many personal injury myths about law and personal injury law in particular.

If you have been injured, don’t hesitate to contact a Jacksonville personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer can put your mind at ease and dispel the myths surrounding personal injury law.

1. False: Personal Injury Lawyers Are “Ambulance Chasers”

Personal injury lawyers work closely with individuals and families who have been badly hurt in accidents. It is impossible to spend so much time with someone and not feel genuine compassion for their situation.

In many cases, personal injury lawyers become good friends with their clients and follow up with them about their health and recovery process long after a case has ended.

Lawyers who help the injured spend their days learning about how and why accidents happen.

In many cases, they discover that a big corporation or manufacturer intentionally sold an unsafe product.

In other cases, an innocent person got hurt because someone wasn’t paying attention or didn’t care about putting others at risk.

The Florida Rules of Professional Conduct impose strict rules on lawyers regarding how they obtain clients and advertise their services.

In fact, Florida was one of the first states to regulate how lawyers use email and the internet to advertise.

2. False: Personal Injury Plaintiffs Are Just Out for Money

Many personal injury victims are reluctant to file a claim, either because they worry about being labeled as greedy, or they “don’t want to make trouble” for the person responsible for the accident.

Few people jump up from an accident and rejoice at their good fortune at being injured.

Anyone who has been through a personal injury case knows that it is not an easy process or a way to get rich quick. Personal injury cases are complicated and sometimes quite difficult.

3. False: Personal Injury Cases Drag on for Years

If you have been hurt, a friend or acquaintance may have tried to warn you away from filing a lawsuit by claiming your case will take forever to resolve. This is inaccurate.

Every case is different, and many factors influence the length of a case, but most personal injury cases take months, not years.

Furthermore, many personal injury cases settle long before they make it to the trial stage.

4. False: Your Injuries Aren’t Bad Enough to Need a Lawyer

First, you should never assume that your injuries are minor. Only a doctor can give you a diagnosis and an idea of what kinds of health issues you may experience in the future.

Keep in mind that many injuries can start out manageable and develop into serious problems down the road. This is why it’s important to see a doctor and to follow up with your physician.

Insurance companies are also quick to deny or delay compensation for what they consider “minor injuries.” When you have a lawyer fighting for you, insurance companies are much more likely to give you the compensation you deserve.

5. False: Your Lawyer Will Pocket a Big Portion of Your Settlement

Florida law prohibits lawyers from charging excessive fees. Lawyers who charge unreasonable fees can be disciplined and can even lose their law license.

Your personal injury lawyer should clearly explain how fees are calculated and how you will be charged.

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