How Winter Weather in Florida Can Be Dangerous

Jacksonville Car Accident AttorneyMost people who think about the winter weather in Florida may casually laugh or blow it off because Florida is known for its sunshine, not snow. In general, Florida isn’t known for having a “dangerous winter” by any stretch of imagination.

However, there are some areas of Florida—such as Northern Florida near Tampa and Jacksonville—that see temperatures below freezing, and while rare, some areas will even see the occasional ice or snow storm during the winter months. Even when the weather is just heavy rain further down south, these storms can be dangerous…and even deadly.

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Cold The Reality of Winter Weather Facts in Florida

Although winter weather events in Florida are typically rare, they do happen. Here are a few cold and hard facts about winter weather in Florida:

  • As recently as January 2014, individuals found themselves in the midst of serious winter weather that compromised their heating systems and their pipes.
  • Between the winter of 1989 and 1990, 26 Floridians died as a result of hypothermia.
  • In 2010, some locations in Okaloosa County reported up to 6 inches of snow.

What these details mean for you is that winter weather can still happen in Florida. Traveling throughout the state means you should have an awareness of this and be prepared for how to handle this situation.

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Why Ignoring Mother Nature Can Be Deadly

Many individuals who have blown off the dangers of a winter storm may have suffered the consequences in terms of damages, injuries or even death. It is important to be knowledgeable about icy conditions, low temperatures, and snow—even if you believe that living in Florida makes you immune to such problems.

How A Small Lack of Preparedness Can Lead to BIG Problems

In fact, several of the issues associated with cold winter weather and storms in Florida are the direct result of the fact that people are not properly educated about these issues and that they do not have the appropriate heating or insulation for dealing with conditions below freezing.

Bear in mind that getting on the road anytime that there is an adverse winter weather event could put you at risk of a car accident.

As a result of the relative rarity of ice and snow in the state of Florida, many drivers are not prepared with how to handle their vehicle in these conditions. For this reason, you may find yourself the victim of a car accident as a result of someone else’s negligence or recklessness on the road.

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What to Do When a Winter Weather Event is Upon You

Being prepared and taking cold weather seriously is one of the most important things you can do as a Floridian. Use the following tips in order to prevent yourself from becoming injured or getting involved in a serious accident.

Being prepared is one of the most important steps you can take to avoid the severity of winter weather, even if you believe that you’re unlikely to find yourself in this situation.

  • Fill your car’s gas tank – Frozen gas lines are no fun!
  • Use rock salt on your driveways and exterior walkways.
  • Be sure to drive slowly and safely when on slippery roadways.
  • Be on the alert for other drivers who might be skidding and sliding.
  • Lift your windshield wipers up so that they do not become frozen directly to the windshield.
  • Do not go out on the roads unless absolutely necessary. If you must leave the home make sure you have appropriate gear such as spare clothes, sleeping bags, jumper cables, flashlights, ice scrapers, shovels, flares, a brightly colored cloth and a properly inflated spare tire.

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Beat the Freeze with a Jacksonville Car Accident Lawyer

Being careful on the road and taking winter weather events seriously can help to prevent you from becoming a victim in a critical car accident. If someone else’s negligence during a winter weather event in Florida has already compromised your health, then it may be time to speak with a Jacksonville car accident attorney.

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