How to Understand Criminal Charges in Florida

If you face criminal charges in Florida, your life is on the line; there’s no doubt about this. As a result, you probably feel scared, worried, and even shocked about what the charges mean for you, and how they can impact—and even ruin—your life.

Jacksonville Criminal Defense AttorneyIn fact, in the state of Florida, misdemeanor charges are somewhat high. Between June 2014 through July 2015, there were over 550,000 misdemeanors filed across the state of Florida. Check this out to read more about the criminal charges in Florida and filings.

Criminal Charges in Jacksonville, FL

No one wants to face criminal charges in Florida and all over world, but putting the situation in perspective and having a committed criminal defense attorney to help you through this time can make a world of difference. Having an experienced individual at your side working to defend you and your rights is one of the most important elements of a criminal case.

Learn more about criminal charges in Florida here.

We’ve represented hundreds of clients who have faced criminal charges in Florida at the past, and we have a proven track record of aggressively winning cases. But in our experience, we’ve seen too many clients who call our office and are confused or overwhelmed with the criminal process in Florida.

In effort to help our clients better understand what a criminal case is like in Florida, we put together this blog, which compares a criminal case to a game of Baseball.

How Your Criminal Case is Like a Baseball Game…but Without the “Game”

And speaking of putting things in perspective, you have probably never thought of your criminal case in terms of a baseball game, right? This is your life. We get it.

But while no one is suggesting that you think of your case as a “game”, it can help to compare a criminal case with something that is familiar and understandable. So why not baseball…one of America’s favorite sports?

Here are just a few of the ways that your criminal case is like a baseball game…(but without the “game”):

1. The Long Game Matters

Baseball is a notoriously long game, and a criminal defense case can often the same way—especially when cases are drawn out for months and sometimes years at a time.

But the name of the game can all change in a second.

Although a baseball team might appear to be losing in an early inning, that can all change as the game plays out. This is true in a criminal defense case, too, so you should not feel defeated at any point in the process.

A good criminal defense lawyer should expect there to be hits, strikes, and curve balls throughout the case, so he or she will be prepared to adjust and adapt as necessary. Throwing in the towel and assuming that the case is a loss too early on can be very damaging.

2. The Big Leagues: The Confidence Factor

There’s a big difference between a ball player with years of experience and someone who feels the pressure of being a rookie recently brought up to the big leagues. The same goes for your criminal defense attorney.

When you hire a criminal defense lawyer, your attorney should be someone who instills confidence in your story and in your rights. Your attorney should also feel confident should your case go to trial.

A good attorney will explore all possible legal avenues in your case, and has crafted a compelling refute for your defense.

3. The Pressure is On…

There’s a big crowd watching the baseball game in the stands and on TV, and the same could be true in your criminal case if it’s high-profile. The pressure is on. Do not let this throw you or your attorney through a loop. You need to remain calm and confident in how your attorney is handling the case.

Depending on how much the media and press has covered your case, It is also important to understand that photos, videos, and even social media might be included as evidence and even portray you in various contexts during your defense.

Talk through what to expect with your criminal defense attorney so that you are prepared for all of the different things that can happen at any time during a criminal case.

4. Calling the Shots with a Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal case often involves a number of different parties in the game. Some are on your side and some play for the other team. Your criminal defense attorney is essentially your “coach”. In a criminal case, both the jury and the judge will play a role in how the case proceeds.

The individuals selected on the jury can certainly influence the final verdict, and the calls made by the judge in terms of evidence submission or objections can have a big impact on how the case proceeds.

This is yet another reason why the selection of a reputable criminal defense attorney is so important because your lawyer should be able to “call the shots” based on the judge’s call, and handle your case accordingly—leading your team to victory.

Win the Game with a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer

A little far-fetched? Maybe. But there are ways that a criminal case can be similar to a baseball game, even if you aren’t in the stands cheering. Of course, no criminal case feels like a “game” or is enjoyable by any means, a good Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer will work alongside you, defend your rights, and prepare a compelling and aggressive case.

Hiring the right attorney for your unique case will help you feel at ease and confident from start to finish.

Having an experienced Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer by your side working to defend you and your rights is one of the most important elements of a criminal case.

Don’t delay, and begin working with an experienced and aggressive Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer as soon as you face criminal charges in Florida.

Every second in the game counts, so visit here to learn how a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer can help you to understand your criminal charges in Florida.

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