4 Common Mistakes that Cause Personal Injury

Jacksonville Personal Injury LawyerThe new year is here! And while the new year is the time for starting the new year off right, working on those resolutions (or working off those holiday pounds!), it’s also a busy time of year for Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer.

Because the holiday season is often full of all kinds of accidents, Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer will find their phones ringing at the end of the holiday season with new cases—all because of the increase in accidents. From drunken driving to pure negligence, the injury risks only increase around the holiday season.

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1. Rushing Around: It might seem comical, but one of the top reasons for accidents—particular around the holiday season—is due to rushing around. We are always rushing around and on-the-go to make it to work, run errands, travel, etc.

But little do we know or take the time to recognize is that but rushing around, you are also increasing the chances of accidents or injuries. The next time you find yourself rushing, take an extra moment when doing your tasks to reduce injuries; those five minutes could prevent an accident…or even save a life.

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2. Burning Down the House: One of the biggest culprits of a house fire is an open flame—such as from a fireplace or candle. If you are going to burn candles, try flameless LED ones instead. They are safe and run on batteries, but still create the ambiance.

If you insist on real candles, use a safe holder and put them in a place where they cannot be knocked over or accidentally burn a child. Read more about burn injuries.

3. Think Before Plugging it In… Always take the time to think about basic electrical safety. You should never overload sockets or try to use multiple power strips. Also, remember that cords are not waterproof, so you need to protect them if they will be exposed to the elements.

4. Ladder to Disaster: Always remember to exercise caution while using ladders and stepstools in and around the house…or even outside the house.

Never reach for something even a ladder cannot safely bring you to and if the ladder isn’t secure on the ground’s surface, get off of it, adjust and do not climb it unless it is.

The holidays can easily be a time to remember, but you don’t want those memories to include spending in an emergency room…or dealing with a horrific accident (especially one that could have been avoided).

By just using a little common sense and taking your time, you can avoid an accident.

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