Florida is a No-Fault State: Why You Should Call a Jacksonville Car Accident Lawyer

When someone is the victim of a motor vehicle accident, the driver found to be at fault is usually financially responsible for any injuries or damages suffered in the accident…in most states…

From a practical viewpoint, it is the insurance company of the person at fault that will generally offer coverage for any injury claims resulting from the accident. Of course, the driver of the motor vehicle may see an increase in insurance premium due to the accident.

 Jacksonville Motor Vehicle Accident LawyerHowever, what if you live in a no-fault state like Florida?

What Every Injured Person Wants to Know…

Each state has its own laws and guidelines when it comes to motor vehicle accidents. For the most part, the injured person wants to know:

  • How will the claim affect my insurance premiums?
  • How does the claims process work?
  • How does PIP work in the state of Florida?

How Does PIP Work in Florida?

PIP refers to Personal Injury Protection in Florida, and every driver is required to have it when purchasing vehicle insurance. Basically each driver is covered up to $10,000 for medical bills and expenses if he or she is injured in an accident. So your insurance company will likely pay up to the limit of $10,000 for lost wages and medical bills under the limits of the no-fault law.

If medical bills total over the no-fault limit, then the individual is responsible for the remainder—even if they were not at fault.

The OTHER Driver…

The other driver, even if he or she was technically “at fault” for your accident, will also contact his or her insurance company. Since Florida is a no-fault state, the negligent person’s insurance company will treat the claim similarly. However, the insurance companies will deal with each other typically without involving you.

How a Motor Vehicle Accident  Lawyer in Jacksonville Can Help

If your accident was deemed a “no-fault” claim, then you may not see the settlement you may deserve—especially if you don’t contact a motor vehicle accident  lawyer. A motor vehicle accident  lawyer can help with the following:

  • Negotiate and work with insurance companies on your behalf
  • Take a closer look at the case to determine if additional compensation is necessary based on the extent of your injuries
  • Ensure that you receive proper medical attention and care, and document these appointments

Speak with a Good Personal Injury Attorney

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