What Does Your Car’s Brake Recall Mean?

To ensure automobile safety, vehicle recalls are important. A vehicle recall is issued when a manufacturer claims that a certain automobile model or part has safety issues or defects, and may not meet federal safety standards.

Before the Cars Brake Recall

Before the cars brake recall is issued, the NHTSA will update the information on its website. This is an excellent resource to use in the event that you hear about a brake recall on the news. A recall may not mean that you are in automatic danger, but you should still take it seriously. Don’t take any risk driving a car that has a brake recall. It is dangerous to you, passengers, and other drivers if you drive the vehicle after finding out that this information is true.

The Notice

When motorists get a brake recall notice from the auto manufacturer, it alerts them that there is a problem. In many cases, the auto manufacturer will offer to fix the part that is recalled. Recalls do NOT mean you get your entire car fixed.

Most vehicle owners will receive a recall notice in the mail. The recall letter will include specific details such as:

  • A description of the defect
  • Any risks and/or possible injuries associated with the problem
  • Possible warning signs
  • The length of time that the manufacturer has plans to provide a solution, which would include the repair process
  • Detailed instructions on recommended next steps

The Manufacturer

When the manufacturer issues a brake recall, all affected motorists are usually contacted. However, if you suspect there is an issue with the brakes on your vehicle and you have not received a letter, then you should research the existing safety recalls on your own. You should also follow up with an attorney.

Whether you did get a brake recall letter or it slipped through the cracks, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to provide for the repair of that defect and you should not be financially responsible for the repair.

Car Dealerships

If you are a victim of a brake recall and you have to get your vehicle repaired, any costs associated with the repair should be paid for by the manufacturer. If a car dealership tries to charge you any fees for repairing your vehicle, then you should speak to the manager. If there is no recourse, then you should contact the vehicle manufacturer directly.

You also have the option to contact the NHTSA government agency, if you are getting nowhere. After reporting the issue, the agency will try to step in. The NHTSA provides safety monitoring for recalls from manufacturers.

Still Confused?

Are you still confused about the brake recall process? If the brake recall was due to a product defect by the manufacturer, then you may have a lawsuit. If you have already been injured in an accident because of the brake defect, then the car accident attorney may be able to find the manufacturer liable, and a lawsuit on your behalf would result.

Seek the Advice of a Car Accident Attorney

Taking a brake recall or any vehicle recall seriously is important. So is working with an attorney. An attorney can aid you with your brake recall notice and if you were unfortunate enough to be in an accident. Contact an attorney for legal advice today at 904-398-2212.

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