Woman Killed After Getting Off Bus in Jacksonville

A forty-five year old woman was hit by a car and killed after getting off a bus in Jacksonville at approximately 7 am on Wednesday morning, October 14th. The woman, who was traveling with her mother, was hit when they both got off at a stop near Philips Highway and attempted to cross the street. The woman’s mother was unharmed.

Woman Killed After Getting Off Bus

The woman was hit by an oncoming vehicle. The driver of the vehicle, who was an adult male, claims he did not see the woman crossing the street, and that his view was obstructed by a school bus that was headed northbound on Philips Highway. He also claims that he did not see the woman crossing until she was in front of his vehicle. The driver turned around immediately after the crash happened.

The injured woman was brought to a local hospital where she suffered life-threatening injuries and later died.

The driver of the vehicle cooperated with the police and explained he did not see the woman. At this time there are no charges filed against the driver.

While this situation proves to be just an accident, the charges could have been much more severe—especially if the driver was found negligent in some way (such as texting or talking on a phone while driving).

In these cases that are often more severe, and if the driver was found negligent, then he may face vehicular homicide charges—even if the accident wasn’t intentional and was purely an accident.

In the state of Florida, we hear about accidents such as these every day. Some are minor, some are severe, some are even fatal. But each case and each accident is different—just like any criminal or car accident or personal injury case.

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