Two Men Shot During Home Invasion Robbery in Jacksonville

On Monday evening, September 28th, two men were shot during a home invasion robbery on the north side of Jacksonville. Police are currently on the search for the gunman.

Home Invasion Robbery in Jacksonville

An unknown gunman randomly barged into a home on Broxton Street and shot two men who were sitting in their front living room. One of the victims was shot in the arm and the wound of the other victim is unknown. Several other victims were also in the back of the home when this robbery took place.

The gunman managed to get away and is currently on the loose. Neighbors are on now on high alert for the gunman. Currently there is no description of the loose suspect, but police caution neighbors and the community that the suspect is likely armed.

The two male victims are currently being treated for their wounds. The other victims who were in the back of the home when the robbery took place did not appear to be injured. Police are currently questioning these witnesses.

Home robbery invasions and crimes such as these are examples of how random crimes can be, and the importance of taking simple safety precautions such as locking your doors at night can help protect victims from crimes.

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