Student on Bicycle Hit By School Bus

At approximately 7 am Monday morning, September 21st, an eighth grade boy was hit by a school bus while riding his bike to school. The boy was traveling in a crosswalk by a local park when he was hit by the bus.

The eighth grader was brought to a local hospital immediately following the accident. His condition and injuries are unknown. However, the Flagler Country School District immediately put the school bus driver on administrative leave.

At this point it is difficult to determine the cause of the accident or why the bus driver hit the boy. However, the driver has been cited for failure to yield at a crosswalk, and is currently under investigation.

Unfortunately, hit and run accidents happen each day. We just don’t always hear about them. However, considering the severity of this accident, this would easily be considered a personal injury case.

In addition, depending on how the investigation of the driver pans out, charges could be much more severe—such as the boy’s condition, injuries, and if any long-term care is needed. Additionally, if drugs or another type of abuse was a factor in the accident, then the driver may incur criminal charges.

Of course taking care of yourself or a loved one after an accident is always first priority, however, your second step should be to contact an experienced personal injury attorney to assist you in your accident. Not only can a personal injury help you organize and prepare a case against a negligent party, he can also help with filing the appropriate paperwork and ensure your rights are protected.

Bicycle Hit By School Bus

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