Expanding the Expressway: A Good or Bad Idea?

We hear about bicycle accidents and even pedestrian accidents that occur in Florida on a daily basis. However, despite the increase and shocking number of these accidents that occur, a local transportation group has proposed to make Arlington Expressway—one of the city’s oldest roadways—more pedestrian and bicycle friendly.

Expanding the Expressway A Good or Bad IdeaA Good Idea or the Worst Idea Ever?

Exciting Enhancements? While the cost of such a project is, of course, a concern for the community, some are in favor of the idea while others are not.

Some believe that enhancements to the Arlington Expressway, such as making bike lanes, sidewalks, and pedestrian-friendly travel areas on both sides of the highway will improve travel. The cost for these enhancements would total approximately $50 million.

Adding Insult to Injury? On the other hand, many lawmakers and law enforcers have tried to keep pedestrians and bicyclists away from Arlington Expressway due to the number of injuries and the dangers of traveling this roadway.

Some believe that the costs that this project would involve won’t help to reduce the number of accidents and injuries due to the sheer volume of traffic that travels this roadway on a daily basis.

Plan of Action. This project is still in its approval stages and a number of meetings and sessions will need to take place before a final decision is made. Even if the decision to expand Arlington Expressway is passed and put into action, the construction is likely to take several years.

Injuries Are Serious…and So Are You. Bicycle and pedestrian accidents and injuries are extremely serious. In fact, some can leave a victim permanently disabled, disfigured, and can change a person’s life and ability to work.

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Expanding the Expressway

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