Bicycle Injuries on the Rise in the U.S.

With environmental impacts and economics still big concerns for society today, many adults have started biking to and from work, school, and even for recreation. However, as a result, bicycle-related injuries are becoming more common.

Bicycle Injuries on the Rise in the USNot only are bicycle injuries on the rise throughout the country, they are analyzed to a particular demographic. It seems that bicycle injuries are most common among middle-aged men over the age of 45. This particular demographic has changed considerable between 1998 and 2013, which has meant more injuries.

One of the reasons for the increase in biking for this particular age group is due to the idol, Lance Armstrong, at the time when he was deep in his success. This sparked an interest in biking for many men popularity for bike riding increased when Lance Armstrong was deep in his success.

However, since bicycling is more dangerous in the United States than in any other country, cyclists need to take safety precautions seriously. Some safety guidelines include:

  • Wear proper safety equipment – including a helmet, reflective gear, and even a flashlight, if riding at night
  • Using turn signals – All bicyclists should be familiar with their hand signals. Turning in and out of a sunrise or sunset can cause visibility issues for nearby drivers. Using turn signals can properly indicate to a vehicle that a bicyclist is present.
  • Biking equipment – All bicyclists should take the time and inspect their biking equipment, especially if they are planning on going for a lengthy ride. Ensuring that your reflectors, brakes, and tires are functioning properly can help avoid an accident.

Biking doesn’t have to be a dangerous activity. It can be a healthier form of commuting and even a great form of exercise. While accidents happen every day, hopefully bicyclists can reduce the number of injuries by adhering to some of these basic safety guidelines.

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