How Long Will It Take to Resolve a Car Accident Claim?

When one has been involved in a crash with another vehicle how long will it take to resolve a car accident claim? This question is very important and needs direct answers for individuals who are in a rush to settle the claim due to severe injuries, vehicle damage, and even financial losses.

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There are also medical bills and other considerations, such as long-term care, particularly when the accident is severe. The following are some of the basic answers to the most important questions regarding how long it may take you to settle a car accident claim.

What if the accident is the other person’s mistake?

If the vehicular accident you are involved in is clearly the other individual’s fault and that individual does not challenge the ruling, then that case can easily be settled in a few weeks. In situations where the other party is challenging the ruling and secures an attorney to fight for his or her case, you can end up dealing with the claim for months or even a year or two. The best-case scenario is for the involved parties to quickly reach an agreement in order to settle the claim as soon as possible.

Will the libel insurance company be able to process a claim quickly?

Yes and no. This is contingent on an insurance company’s competence, attitude, and quality of service. In fact, professional attitude has a lot to do with how fast a libel insurance company will process a claim. When dealing with a trustworthy company, you may be able to settle a claim in a few weeks or between two to three months—depending on the size of the claim.

However, if you are unfortunate enough to deal with insurance companies that stall and attempt to intimidate the party, which is making a claim request, then you may certainly want to secure the services of an attorney to take up your case.

Is it possible for an attorney to expedite a car accident claim?

Yes! But only if you hire an experienced car accident attorney who has successfully handled similar cases. Resist the temptation to hire just any lawyer. The best lawyers to hire are those who specialize in vehicle accident claims and have successful track records. For instance, an attorney that specializes in family court cases, may not be the best when it comes to handling your accident claim, even if he or she is your relative! A good lawyer can expedite the issue, save you money, and maybe win an important accident claim that can assist you in future with all the losses you incurred due to the accident.

If you are a victim of an accident and you are wondering how long it may take to settle your car accident claim, then keep in mind the first rule of thumb in getting the best settlement is to practice patience. Some victims are always desperate to resolve a claim simply because they are physically injured and in tough financial situations. As a result, they agree to a lesser settlement rather than allowing a good lawyer to tactically deal with the libel insurance company for a settlement that they deserve.

Resolve a Car Accident Claim

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