5 Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases are a type of legal case in which an individual or entity is held accountable for injuring another person. This accountability normally takes the form of the accountable party having to settle the medical bills and several other expenses, such as lost wages, and sometimes extra money for sullying the injured party’s ‘quality of life.’
 Types of Personal Injury Cases

There are several different kinds of injury cases out there. Danger is almost everywhere and injuries can occur just about anywhere: at work, on the road, or even in the house.

Regardless of where an injury happens, if it was as a result of the negligence of one party then the injured party may have a personal injury lawsuit against them.


Types of Personal Injury Cases

1. Intentional Torts

A civil wrong doing is normally referred to as a tort. Intentional torts basically include intentional acts which lead to personal injury to a victim. Examples of intentional torts may include battery and assault. Any victim of an intentional tort has a lawful cause of action against the culpable party who committed the intentional tort.

2. General Negligence

Well, negligence can also be categorized as a tort. But unlike intentional torts, negligence only occurs when anindividual or entity causes an accident by not acting reasonably under the circumstances, regardless of whether they intentionally caused an accident.

This extensive category of torts includes several other specific subcategories and comprises of the vast majority of legal claims made by personal injury victims, for instance car accidents.

3. Car accidents

Car accidents normally involve a lawsuit for the offence of negligence. This subcategory of negligence is always unique in that the federal government in conjunction with most states have legislated special statutes that will govern vehicles, drivers and even car insurance. The said statutes create several unique legal issues that car accident litigation is usually considered a unique subcategory of personal injury claims.

4. Premises liability

Premises liability laws protect the duty of a landlord, tenant, landowner, and similar entities to individuals on the property. Landowners owe individuals on the property exclusive duties reliant on whether the individual is a licensee, an invitee or trespasser.

Again, whilst the majority of premises liability cases basically embroil the general offence of negligence, these distinctivelegal issues in premises liability cases are in a way that this particular area of the law is normally considered to be a separate subcategory of personal injury claims.

5. Professional malpractice

Professional malpractice is another type of negligence claim which basically involves the negligent acts of a professional, for example a lawyer or a doctor. Most states have ratified special statutes relevant only to professional malpractice claims. In this particular area, a negligence is again, a totally different subcategory of personal injury claims.

As you have realized, an injury that you thought was just an accident may turn out to be a personal injury caused by somebody else’s negligence. If you or anyone you close to you has been injured in a personal injury case, immediately contact our Jacksonville Florida personal injury attorneys at Hardesty, Tyde, Green & Ashton on 904-398-2212 for free consultation today!


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