Boating Safety Guidelines for Operators

With the warm Florida summer season fast approaching many find themselves ready to enjoy a nice day boating. Florida holds the record for the largest number of personal and recreational watercrafts of all the states. Having such a large amount of watercraft vehicles also means that Florida has extensive laws and regulations in order to keep the waters, environment, property, and people safe. due to having the largest number of watercrafts, Florida is the nation leading state for boating accidents.

Boating accidents such as collisions, engine failures, fires, and capsizing are common accidents that can result in serious injury or death to the passengers and persons involved. Boating accidents also limit liability for the accident to the operator of the boat during the time of the accident. This limited liability protects corporate owners, a corporation that puts a potentially hazardous boat on the water can be protected from liability, which complicates a person’s legal claim on injury compensation.

A few boating safety guidelines for operators include:

  • Never operate a boat under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Always watch your boating speed, especially in crowded areas, no wake zones, and around personal watercrafts.
  • Provide aid to others to the fullest extent without endangering one’s boat or passengers.
  • Properly install and inspect all of the boat’s sound and light signals.
  • Follow the rules regarding waterborne traffic.

Failure to adhere to these safety guidelines can lead to accidents, these accidents could lead to the boat operator to be guilty of a criminal act.

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