New Years Eve Safety Tips

New Years Eve is not only a time of celebration, but also a time in which DUI related deaths are the highest. Drinking and driving is dangerous not only to the driver, but also to passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers on the road. In order to keep the roads safe during New Years Eve DUI checkpoints are often stationed around town to prevent potential DUI accidents. JaxLegal has some tips to keep not only you, but other safe while you welcome in the New Year:

  • Have a designated driver. If you plan to spend time during the evening drinking make sure to prepare a designated driver. The drive you choose should remain sober through out the night in order to be able to safely provide transportation.
  • Use a taxi service. Often times during New Years Eve taxi services and AAA will provide free or discounted transportation services in order to keep the roads safe. Keep a number to a local taxi service handy during the evening if you plan to drink.
  • Plan to stay. Parties often take place in the homes of family and friends, if you plan to drink during the evening you can always make plans ahead of time to stay after the party. Hotels are also an option if you find yourself out and about in the city during your celebrations.

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