Florida-Georgia Football Criminal Arrest and Citation

The Florida-Georgia football game and pre-game events have been known as the world’s largest cocktail party for decades. Many spend the weekend tailgating and drinking with friends. Historically, the celebration has resulted in many arrests, usually disorderly intoxication but sometimes more serious crimes including homicides. We have handled many cases arising from the festivities.

You can be charged with the crime of disorderly intoxication if:

  • You are intoxicated and endanger the safety of others or their property.
  • You cause a public disturbance while drinking or intoxicated.

For purposes of the statute that defines disorderly intoxication in Florida, intoxication is more than having just a couple of beers. It is what you would normally think of as drunk – a person who has consumed so much that they are without the normal control over their bodies or mental faculties.

In reality, law enforcement can use this statute to arrest you if you have been drinking and are acting unruly in public.

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