Florida’s Move Over Law

You are driving down the highway and farther down the road you see a car and an emergency vehicle pulled over. When in this situation in the state of Florida, you must move out of the lane closest to them. This is called “Florida’s Move Over Law.” Not only must drivers move over, they are also to slow down while driving near the stopped emergency vehicle. This law was created in order to protect or brave emergency workers and the people they are helping after so many were injured on the road side during their services.

Last week one of our JAXLEGAL.COM Road Rangers was assisting a woman with her vehicle when a large truck smashed into the Road Ranger’s truck barely missing the Road Ranger and the woman. Miraculously, neither the woman or the Road Ranger were injured in this accident, due to the smashed truck taking the full blow. For the full news story click here.

Within the past year the JAXLEGAL.COM Road Rangers have had two injuries due to careless drivers not paying attention and abiding by Florida’s Move Over Law. Every year hundreds of drivers are caught and penalized for not adhering the Move Over Law. Not following the law results in a pricey ticket, points added to your driver’s license, and the possibility of endangering a person’s life.

We are very glad that no one was injured this past week and hope that this incident reminds people to stay alert while driving and to move over for stopped vehicles.

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