Scalding or Burn Injuries

The scarring from a serious burn injury can be devastating to include disfigurement, loss of range of motion, skin pigment changes, alteration of hair growth patterns, hypersensitivity to touch as well as abnormal sensitivity to  temperature or exposure to the sun and common everyday household products and clothing. Children, Senior Citizens and people with physical or mental disabilities are most susceptible to these injuries. Generally the most common causes are when a product fails such as a hot water heater, iron or carpet cleaner due to its design, installation and/or maintenance. The other common cause is due to the negligence of a caregiver not monitoring the water, or in some cases steam, that a person is exposed to such as burning someone in a scalding shower or bath in a hospital, nursing home facility or day care business. If you, a family member or friend have suffered a burn or scalding injury please contact us immediately so that we can begin the necessary investigation and preservation of evidence required in these cases.

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