Courts Martial Victory, Petty Officer found Not Guilty

1 March 2011, Jacksonville, Florida:

A military jury found a Petty Officer Not Guilty of Article 112a,Wrongful Use of a Controlled Substance. The all officer Naval jury  at Naval Air Station Jacksonville ( NAS JAX) deliberated less than 10 minutes in delivering its verdict and fully aquitting the sailor of any violation of the law. Frank Ashton, Ret. CDR USNR, Marc Hardesty, Ret. LTC USAR and Lt. Brandon Sargent, USN represented the sailor who had tested positive during a routine urinalysis.

The complex defense consisted of evidence presented by Dr. Bruce Goldberger, a professor of Toxicology at The University of Florida and by a senior toxicologist and chemist from the United States Navy Drug Laboratory. The defense team offered evidence that the Petty Officer had unknowingly consumed food that had been laced with hash oil which in turn cause a positive urinalysis for the metabolite THC.  The acquittal certainly saved the sailors career as well as prevented a criminal record.

The value of an experienced defense team is critical to a successful outcome in any military proceeding. Our firm has represented many service members from all branches of the service in General and Special Courts Martials and Administrative Seperation Boards. We are almost always selected by clients  due to our trial experience and results. If you have been charged with a violation of the UCMJ it is critical that you speak with an attorney that has substantial trial and Judge Advocate training. Proceedings in a Military Court are significantly different than proceedings in State and Federal Courts.. Please contact us if we can help. You defend America, We defend you.

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