Mayo Clinic Announces 2,100 More Patients at Risk for Hepatitis C

The Mayo Clinic Jacksonville , Florida facility announced yesterday  September 21,2010 that there are an additional 2,100 patients that need to be tested for possible exposure to the potentially deadly Hepatitis C virus. The first announcement on September 14, 2010 by Mayo Clinic encompassed over 3,500 patients. This latest announcement indicates that over 5,600 patients came into contact with a radiology technician that was injecting himself with a pain medication Fentanyl. This medication was supposed  to be used for the patients comfort  during certain radiology procedures. However,  the Mayo Clinic employee after injecting himself with the drug then filled the  syringes with saline solution and injected  patients using the  same needle and syringe and spreading the Hepatitis C virus to some patients. If you or a loved one are notified that you are at risk it is critical that you act quickly to determine whether you have been infected by getting a blood test from an independent lab in addition to the testing that Mayo Clinic is offering in their correspondence. Please click here to read more about this situation and contact our firm if you have questions. If you live outside the Northeast Florida area then please call us at 904-398-2212.

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