Georgia Pacific and BP, Similarities are Alarming

We all remember the BP advertisements prior to the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The ones entitled “Beyond Petroleum” where BP claimed that they were environmentally responsible and were looking out for the benefit of the environment. We all know that proved to be an outright lie. Likewise Georgia Pacific Corp. the makers of toilet paper have begun a advertising campaign misrepresenting their concern for the St Johns River and how they are such wonderful stewards the St Johns. They want to take care of the river so much that they are attempting to place a pipe that will go from their Palatka, Florida toilet paper plant and spew 23 million gallons of pollution a day 7 days a week into the St Johns River. They have gotten so creative that they are going to put a giant sprinkler like head on the pipe so that this sewage blows into the river from all different directions. Interestingly I have not seen one of their propaganda billboards showing the pollution pipe. Instead it pictures tranquil scenes of the St Johns. What lies beneath Georgia Pacific’s untrue message is something that we should all say no to by contacting our local and State officials and joining the St Johns Riverkeeper at  . Our firm has donated legal services to the St Johns Riverkeeper for years and we are committed to protecting our river environment. Please contact us if you have any questions on how you can help.

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