Medical Malpractice, Being Truthful with Patient the Best Policy

A  12 year study (1995 – 2007) recently published in the Annals of Internal Medicine examined the full disclosure policy of the University of Michigan Health care System.

This policy requires that health care providers honestly admit their errors and be truthful with patients and patients families. The policy also encouraged dialogue with the patient/ family in efforts to resolve these matters early. The results showed that honesty is the best policy.

The University of Michigan experienced a decrease in medical negligence claims and significant overall savings in costs due to medical errors. Sadly, the University of Michigan is the exception to the rule when dealing with hospitals that injure or kill patients due to negligent medical treatment.

Most victims of medical malpractice simply want the honest answers as to what went wrong but instead are confronted with cover up and lies. Risk management departments and insurance companies take over and begin the process of placing blame and deceitful innuendo everywhere but where it truly belongs.

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