Mayo Clinic Was Correct to Disclose Rogue Employee Infecting Patients

Last week Mayo Clinic disclosed that an investigation of patients that were infected with Hepatitis C were linked to a drug addicted radiology technician that was using needles and syringes to inject pain medication into himself and his patients. Mayo Clinic came forward and admitted this had occurred and has now beginning the process of  safeguarding their patients. While there have been a few patients that have been identified as having contracted Hepatitis C there are potentially many more patients that have been infected at Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic is at the beginning of this disclosure. This situation requires a detailed investigation that will take significant time and resources. It is  refreshing to see Mayo Clinic come forward with this disclosure and now the questions of how and why this was allowed to happen must be answered. Why did the procedures in place fail these Mayo patients? How could an employee with a checkered past be allowed access to these highly regulated  medications and what procedures does Mayo need to put in place to protect the safety of their patients in the future? If you believe you have been infected with the Hepititis C virus at Mayo Clinic it is critically important that you contact us immediately in order to protect your rights.

To Mayo Clinic’s credit they did not take the all too common approach seen at many hospitals and medical facilities. Many well know hospitals are experts at destroying records, changing records and hiring so called experts that will say virtually anything for the paycheck. These same hospitals and facilities place more emphasis on their risk management department than they do in protecting the patients safety. If you know someone that has been the victim of medical negligence it is critically important to choose a law firm with the experience and resources to investigate the claim and most importantly know where to look and what to look for in a medical negligence cover up. If we can help please contact us.

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