Safety on America’s Buses

Thousands of people travel on buses across America each year. However, few realize the dangers that can be involved in bus travel.

In recent years, several high profile bus accidents have reignited the debate on bus safety. For example, after a 2007 bus crash in Atlanta in which 7 people died and 21 people were injured, the National Transportation Saftey Board found that the bus’ lack of adequate occupant protection contributed to the accident’s severity. Bus saftey was also an issue in the 2006 bus crash in Huntsville, Alabama, in which 4 school children were killed.

Several recommendations have been made to improve bus safety in America. Seatbelts could be made mandatory on all passenger buses. This would protect individuals from significant injury in bus rollover accidents. Bus windows could be made more sturdy and durable. A common cause of death in bus accidents is ejection from the bus. The ejection rate could be greatly reduced by the improvement of bus windows.

There could also be better regulation of bus drivers. It is often found after a bus accident that the driver’s medical certificate giving him authority to drive the bus has expired. Making sure individuals are fit to drive buses would increase safety for passengers on the bus as well as other drivers on the road.

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