Simplicity Crib Deaths

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued multiple recall notices for various models of cribs manufactured by Simplicity Inc. and SFCA, Inc. of Reading, Pennsylvania. The warnings and recalls began in 2005 and have been linked so far to 11 deaths and 25 additional incidents involving injury or potential for serious injury. The problem relates to plastic hardware which the manufacturer used to secure the side of the crib. Over time, the hardware can break or deform allowing the side to push out, creating a space between the side and the mattress. A baby can roll into this space and suffocate or otherwise be severely injured.

The manufacturers appear to no longer be in business. Some of the cribs manufactured by Simplicity include the Graco logo and Winnie the Pooh motif. The affected cribs were sold between January 2005 and June 2009. Parents are warned to immediately stop using Simplicity cribs because of the serious hazard they pose to babies.

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