Insurance Greed Attempting to Crush Working Families

The Insurance industry is attempting to unfairly stack the deck against a person hurt on the job through no fault of their own. Last fall the Florida Supreme Court addressed a provision of the workers compensation law that limited attorney fees earned through representation of people wrongfully denied medical care and benefits. The court stated that the attorney that battled the Insurance industry and won was entitled to recover a reasonable fee, in other words fair payment for work done.

The legislature led by Miami Representative Flores now wants to take away the reasonableness language of the law and is therefore creating an unreasonable situation for the injured workers of this state. Buoyed by Insurance dollars Rep Flores is carrying the flag of insurance greed and self gain on the backs of people that work hard for their families everyday. Luckily Flores stands little chance of suffering the same plight as his constituents who are injured since his activities provide little to no risk for a work related injury but high probability of self gain through Insurance contributions.

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