Gastric Bypass Surgery Can Reverse Diabetes

Recent studies have demonstrated that gastric bypass surgery can do more than simply allow an obese person to lose weight. Overweight individuals are significantly more likely to develop diabetes than people of normal weight. Previous studies have shown, however, that many adults who have gastric bypass surgery not only lose weight but reverse their diabetes as well. A recent study has also shown that obese teenagers can have similar results. That study, reported in the January 2009 issue of Pediatrics, found that 10 of 11 obese teenagers with diabetes who underwent gastric bypass surgery reversed their diabetic condition and no longer had to use diabetic medications. The 11th teenager still had diabetes but significantly reduced the amount of diabetic medications he had to take.

These studies reveal gastric bypass surgery can improve health, in addition to causing weight loss and improving one’s appearance. It is still significant surgery, however, and when not done properly can have catastrophic consequences. Make sure any surgeon you consider has substantial experience performing the procedure before you agree to allow him/her to operate. Our firm has handled multiple cases involving medical malpractice associated with negligently performed gastric bypass surgery. If you or a loved one has had a bad result from gastric bypass surgery, please call us for a free consultation regarding your case. Not every bad result occurs because of medical malpractice, but it is important to have an experienced attorney review your case.

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