Insurance Companies Stealing From Sick Patients

One of the largest health care insurance companies has been caught denying claims that should have been paid and delaying care that is critical to survival in many instances. United Health Group systematically delayed or denied treatment, medications or reimbursements for care that they were clearly obligated to provide under the terms of the contracts that they wrote. The result was often undue suffering by terminally ill patients and the financial disaster resulting from unpaid or underpaid bills left for patients families to cope with for years to come.

The New York Attorney General has brought charges that will hopefully slow the “profits over peoples lives” that is currently in place. Just ask yourself what would happen if you were late on an insurance premium payment? It doesn’t take any imagination to figure out the result. Yet if the insurance company is not paying then that seems just fine with them.

If you have been the victim of an insurance carrier please contact us for a free evaluation of your claim. To learn more about this scam see CBS News

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