DUI Arrests Increase During Super Bowl

The Florida Highway Patrol and the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office have announced that their DUI enforcement units will be out in force looking for drivers that are impaired.

These law enforcement agencies stated that the concern arises out of the increase of serious injury and wrongful death as the result of drunk or impaired drivers. Certainly the choice of not driving is the best.

Certainly the use of a designated driver or hailing a cab is much more economical than taking the risk of injuring someone or yourself. Even the costs , fines and surcharges of a first time DUI far exceed $1500.00 not to mention the criminal conviction and the increase auto insurance rates that follow.

Taking the risk of a DUI arrest is just not worth it. To read more about the increase patrols click here. If we can help please contact our firm. Our years of experience in handling these cases is a direct benefit to our clients.

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