Northeast Florida Fog Creates Hazardous Driving Conditions

Headlights are for seeing and being seen! Be sure to recognize the circumstances where lights are necessary for safety. Using headlights at night is a given but how often do you see someone driving that does not appreciate the visual impairment that fog creates during daytime? Fog in Northeast Florida can cause tremendous danger since fog degrades depth perception and reflects light thereby distorting the images ahead. Turn on your low beam lights, and be careful to watch for hazards, bicyclists, pedestrians, or animals. Reflected light from air-suspended particulates or precipitation can blind you, so use your low beams or properly installed fog lamps. Fog lamps are mounted low, underneath your line of sight, and they can help you see when regular headlamps cause difficulties. Without fog lamps, using low beams prevents light from being reflected back into your eyes much the same way. Reducing speed will also increase the safety margin. If you have been injured by someone that did not use appropriate safety measures please contact us.

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