DUI Checkpoints

There is no question that the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office will be setting up DUI checkpoints from now and continuing through New Years. You best defense is obviously not to drink and drive. The use of a designated driver is always the best defense as long as the designated driver has not decided to abandon their obligation. If the officer notices signs of impairment (odor of alcohol, slurred speech, bloodshot or watery eyes) he may ask you to step out of your vehicle and do some field sobriety tests. You must then decide if you want to take your chances. You cannot be forced to take these tests just as you cannot be forced to submit to a breathalyzer test. However if you refuse to submit to one you will lose your license for a year administratively. You can possibly apply for a “work permit” but these are issued on a case by case basis. You have the right to remain silent and to have an attorney to discuss your case before entering a plea to the court. It is always better to know and understand your rights before you make a mistake that cannot be removed from your record in the future. We understand the Florida DUI laws and are available to help you. Please contact us

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