Accident Scene Investigation

In many cases involving catastrophic injury or death an inspection of the accident scene, vehicles or equipment can be critical in the success of the case. Important evidence may be present that can be collected, photographed and measured. There is sometimes the opportunity to gather statements from witnesses and accident reports and to better understand later deposition testimony. Oftentimes, it is the scene visit that uncovers contributing factors not previously considered.

The old saying “a picture can be worth a thousand words” often comes true. Measurements to include distances, weights and angles can be critical in the causation of the accident.

In machinery accidents, determining the condition of the equipment and modifications that have been performed requires a physical inspection. In many cases, the original piece of machinery has been altered over the years through maintenance, repairs and upgrades. This status can be documented by visual inspection and then validated by review of service and maintenance records and invoices. Having an experienced engineer operate the machine or just watch the operation has often led to insights about the key issues in industrial accidents.

Our firm has the resources and experience to conduct accident scene analysis that may be critical to a positive outcome in a claim. Please contact us if we can help with your case.

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