Florida Workers Compensation Justice Long Overdue

The Florida Supreme Court overturned a law enacted due to the massive lobbying efforts by the insurance industry that limited injured workers from hiring attorney’s from representing them. In 2003 Former Gov. Jeb Bush capitulated to the campaign funds donated by the insurance industry to limit payment of reasonable attorney fees when the insurance company wrongfully denied medically necessary benefits as well as benefits required by state law. The case Murray v. Mariner Health evaluated a case where the injured workers attorney was only paid $8.11 per hour to fight for medically necessary treatment for his client even though the insurance company spent over $16,000 fighting the workers right to obtain these valid benefits. The Supreme Court ruled that if a insurance company wrongfully denies benefits then they must pay reasonable fees when they delay and/or deny benefits that they owe. This is a victory for the citizens of Florida and reintroduces fairness into our justice system. We look forward to assisting you with your Florida Workers Compensation case. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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