Profits over People

Yesterday I passed a construction site where disaster was only moments away. The crew of 5 men were working on scaffolding to construct a concrete wall. Just below them were 6 to 8 foot sections of rebar sticking straight up like a bed of nails. There were no protective caps, barricades or covers to prevent impailment or a cutting risk and no safety harnesses used. These men were working over a death trap where one mistake could cost them their lives or at least their quality of life. Rebar accidents are never minor. They are sudden and devastating. Rebar protective caps cost about $1.25 a piece and are reusable again and again. Unfortunately, many companies disregard the safety of their workers because the simple fix costs a few dollars.

One slip or stumble is all it takes to forever change or end someones life. Everyone on a construction site must demand rebar safety procedures. OSHA has specific rules that can be enforced but only if they are reported because OSHA rarely takes the initiative to handle safety issues on their own initiative. Not reporting and correcting unsafe rebar is literally a matter of life and death. If you or someone you know has been injured please contact us. We have the experience to help.