Crane Construction Accidents finally Addressed

Over the last month over a dozen people have been killed on construction sites by large cranes falling or dropping their load. This unfortunately had gone on for many years until a number of accidents occurred in a short amount of time in New York, Florida and Oklahoma. Until now there were virtually no regulations requiring crane operators to be adequately trained and certified in the operation of these massive pieces of equipment. In over 80 percent of the accidents operator error was at least partially to blame.

In Florida most construction workers are covered by workers compensation and precludes them from any civil action other than for Workman’s compensation benefits unless another third party is responsible for the crane and/ or crane operator. In some cases there is a cause of action when the crane malfunctions. This type of legal action is called a products liability claim. Regardless of the type of claim it is vitally important to contact an experienced attorney that can deal with these issues and act immediately to protect and preserve your rights and the evidence at the scene. Please see the CBS News article regarding the new federal crane rules

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