Denial of Workers Compensation Treatment, The Norm

Most people go to work, do their jobs and never get injured. Those are the fortunate folks that have never had to face the Florida Workers Compensation system outlined in Florida Statutes Chapter 440. The law governing injuries in the workplace creates many roadblocks and pitfalls for the employee to navigate.

Imagine being told you cannot use your own doctor that you have come to trust and who has the best knowledge of you as a patient. Imagine a insurance company staffer determining what type of treatment will or will not be approved and then hiring a team of claim fighters to try and prevent the injured employee from getting the treatment that is medically necessary.

Imagine an injured employee suffering a workplace injury and requiring multiple surgeries and rehabilitation treatment and being told by the law that the victim is at maximum medical improvement because two years has passed since the date of injury.

That’s right, it is not based on what trained medical professionals determine but what the Florida legislature passed in 2003. These scenarios occur each and every day to workers across this State.

We are familiar with these complex problems and dealing with the workers compensation system. If you need help please contact us.

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