Sick & Disabled Truck Drivers Have Deadly Consequences

According to a new U.S. safety study, hundreds of thousands of truck and bus drivers have commercial licenses even though they also qualify for full federal disability payments. Many of these drivers have suffered from seizures, heart attacks, or unconscious spells while driving that have led to fatal truck accidents. In fact, a federal study found that cases such as these were a leading cause of serious crashes involving large trucks.

Truckers violating federal medical rules have been caught in every state. Florida ranks among the top twelve states where the most drivers have been caught for breaking medical rules, including such things as failing to carry a valid medical certificate.

Take this example:

A Florida bus driver who uses three daily inhalers and suffers from black lung disease recently told congressional investigators that he “occasionally blacks out and forgets things.” He does not possess a medical certificate and has been receiving Social Security benefits since 1994.

The consequences of allowing impaired truck drivers on the road can be disastrous. In May 2005, a trucker suffering from sleep apnea crossed a median, killing a woman and her ten-month old son. It was later discovered the driver failed to disclose his condition when obtaining the medical certification he needed to drive.

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